Pacific Star Building Makati – Fire Drill

Pacific Star Building, Makati Ave.,  Makati City
Thursday – October 23, 2008 around 2:00 PM

Fire alarm sounded around the building. A certain floor is got on fire. All elevator has been shut down to secure the employees.. All employees has been evacuated to the outside of the building.  Rescuers found two men stacked to their office and rescued them and rappelled back to the ground floor.

Those was just a drill in case of fire.

A fire drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building for a fire or other emergency. Generally, the emergency system (usually an alarm) is activated and the building is evacuated as though a real fire had occurred. Usually, the time it takes to evacuate is measured to ensure that it occurs within a reasonable length of time.


That drill is a good a practice for those of us working in the said building just in case the real fire occurs. We don’t have any abilities to predict what will gonna happen next so it is better to be safe and to know what will be the next step that will save your life or my life too.

After the drill, a certain fire bureau host in Makati perform some tips on how to use fire extinguisher properly. They set a real fire and demonstrate how to make the fire out. After that, they called a volunteer from different companies and executed certain tricks on how to extinguish fire.

Although the drill make us tired and sweaty, it is a good step of the building management to inform how the employees will respond in case of fire and other calamities.

So, until next fire drill.

Oh, I have a video of the said drill but it’s too shaky and you will only get dizzy when you see it 😛 but I’m gonna post it in youtube if you still want to see it.


One thought on “Pacific Star Building Makati – Fire Drill

  1. Unfortunately, I will never experience the fire drill again in Pacific Star Building which is in Makati City. I’ve resigned to my work there and I’m now currently working in Pasig City.

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