One Boring Weekend

It’s Saturday again and I didn’t know what to do for the whole day.
I started with checking my computer if the downloads is done, eat breakfast, and computer again.

I dont have anything to do besides doing stuff with my computer… I feel that I don’t have any social life today. 😛

After a while, I’m getting bored with this thing. So, I watched 2 movies.

  1. Alone
  2. Rush Hour 3

Let’s go with the first movie – Alone. Alone is a Thailand based horror/thriller movie. According to IMDB:

“ALONE” tells the story of Pim who moved from Thailand to Korea to escape the guilt of being the surviving half of a conjoined twin. Flashbacks to Pim’s childhood show how the bittersweet relationship with her sister, and their commitment to stay together forever, transforms into a repressive bond that ultimately leads to a separation. After she returns to visit her dying mother, the spirit of her dead sister angrily thrusts herself into Pim’s life.

I’m thrilled with this movie and it’s good to watch. Although the local language used is Thai, you can still easily understand what they were saying just by looking on the scene 😀

Bottom line, that movie is good and deserve to be watched. Watch it and be thrilled.

After Alone, I’ve watch Rush Hour 3 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The synopsis of the movie according to IMDB is:

Three years after the end of Rush Hour 2, James Carter is no longer a detective, but a traffic cop on the streets of Los Angeles. Lee is now the bodyguard for his friend Ambassador Han, the former Consul from the first film. Lee is still upset with Carter about an incident in New York City when Carter accidentally but not fatally shot Lee’s ex-girlfriend in the neck, Secret Service agent Isabella Molina.

Source: IMDB
Read more at:

The story is great as well as the actions and fighting scene and also the movie is very funny. Jackie Chan still as its best.

I recommend this movie to watch. Its worthit. 😀

Until then. Have a nice weekend.


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