Create your own 3D movie

I’ve found a website that enables the use to create their own movie. From scripting to finishing. This site is made of flash and a simple 3d renderer that makes movie making an exciting one.

On this web application, you are allowed to pick on their pre-sets object such as the camera angle, body gestures and movements, face expressions, special effects, background image and the cast including their costumes.

At first, it was difficult not until you see their quick tour on how to use their application. Then after that, you will enjoy every moment spending time to create your fully owned movie clip.

This is a great past time for those of us who desn’t have any job to work with.

This is the screen shot of their web application:

Screenshot of xtranormal website

Although the movie is plain and monochromatic, you can still enjoy seeing your clip. Monochrome may be because to save time on rendering the clip and save your bandwidth. Anything else, this web application is great for those people who seek fun on the net.


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