Google Invasion: Google Search

When I say Google, one thing in your mind will appear. It is their search engine. But did you know that Google has too many product exist on the web. Well, let’s try to figure it out.

Google Search

Google Search is owned by the Google Inc. and it is the most used search engine on the web. Google search is so powerful that you can convert currency, use it as a calculator, as a dictionary and so many others.

For example, lets convert Dollar to Euro currency.

You see. That’s google search. You can also use it just like the following:

Use as dictionary.
Just put a “define:” prefix to perform dictionary search

Just type in the mathematical statement to perform calculations:

Theres a lot of special keywords to use in google search such as the example below.

  • what time is it Country Name
  • Compare items with better than <keyword>
  • etc, etc.

Just search more about google search tricks and keywords.

Before we end, google search has a variant. This is the iGoogle.

iGoogle is a Google search engine page that you can personalize with themes and widgets. Just like my iGoogle below:


So, have fun using Google search.


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