Google Invasion: YouTube

Sharing video is one of primary function of computer today. Unlike on early years, we used to share our video captured moments via cd’s or even video cassette tapes. But not until 2005 when google launch a video sharing website which is Google Video.

Google Video allows users around the world to upload and share their videos. Because of this, people around the world would have the capability see their videos by millions to billions of people around the globe.

Just like Google Video, YouTube is also a video sharing website that is

developed three of the former paypal employees.

In 2006, Google Inc. acquired the company (YouTube) for US$1.65 billion. So, Google Video and YouTube is now operated and maintained by the Google Inc.

Today, Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing website that has a billion viewers around the world and it has developed several localization according to the location of the viewers such as Australia, Canada, Brazil, etc.


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