Ghost is not real…or maybe yes.

It’s Halloween again and it’s the time for trick or treats. In the Philippines, trick or treating is not really popular here but people knows it. But instead, people in the Philippines during this time is having their own Halloween parties, they have a Halloween parade and/or something. Some, they’re go to the cemetery to visit their departed loved ones and give some prayer.Ghost

But mostly, during this time, most of the people is talking about ghost stories and other horrible, out of this world story.

According to

A ghost is the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person, and usually encountered in places she or he frequented, the place of his or her death, or in association with the person’s former belongings. The word ghost may also refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or to any spirit or demon.A place in which ghosts are supposed to appear is described as haunted.

We didn’t know exactly if ghost do really exist but I’m not saying that it didn’t.

To my experience, yes, I had an experience with something terrible before. It was happens when my grandmother died. She was stayed in the viewing room which is on the second floor of the funeral house. Then, the night is gone deeper. It is past midnight when I suddenly felt like I need to pee. Since everybody don’t want to accompany me to the comfort room which is on the first floor right before the morgue. I go down though the stairs. It was a little bit dark and I don’t know where the switch is. So, since my bladder is too full, I badly needed to go to the Cr and didn’t mind what creepy is that place. Finally, I see the door, but when I see the lower part of the door, I see some black thing that flows out from the inside. It is like a smoke, but again, I never mind that one since my bladder is going to blow out anytime. After that I go up to the second floor again and there’s something strange again that happened. I see 3 black shadows that goes up though the stair but I didn’t hear their foot steps. So, I immediately¬† go up to the room and ask them if know who are those person who just goes up. But unfortunately they didn’t seen anything or someone that goes up before me. I had a goosebumps at that time and I tell them what strange and horrible things happens to me. With that experience, I don’t want to go to any funeral house anymore.

Another experience is, when I was told to cook something in our house there’s something strange that runs on my back. I saw that on my peripheral* vision. Shes an old woman with short white hair and a fair skin. I saw her smelling the food that I am cooking, and I don’t mind her. Again, I asked them who is that person but unfortunately they didn’t notice someone who goes to the kitchen except me.

That was just my few horrible experience throughout my life.

So, do you experience some horrible things in your life or some kinda out of this world experience?

Happy Holloween to all!!!

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