Friendster downtime


All friendster fan out there, have you ever wonder why friendster is down today or maybe last day November 14, 2008 or 13? It was due to the power outage in Sunnyvale, California where friendster’s datacenter is located.

Quality Technology Services (Globix) QTS’ building has lost their power. According to the source, They are doing some construction and they hit something they were not supposed to.

So, how about their power backup? They have a ups’ or a generator or something but suddenly it does not do their job. They are already investigating about the incident.

According to some reports, friendster have an approximately 85 million users around the globe and because of the power failure, the server lost its cache and it takes time to re-generate. So that’s why you see your friends list incorrectly.

Let’s just wait until they fully syncronize their backups and soon we’ll gonna continue our online life 😀
For now, let’s face our real friend, I mean, the people around you not just the one that you meet online. for me, It is much better to have a real friend in life 😀



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