Sorry, I hate emo…

According to Wikipedia:

Emo (pronounced /ˈiːmoʊ/) is a genre of music that originated from hardcore punk and later adopted pop punk influences when it became mainstream in the US.


Then why most of the people here are wearing this kind of uncool outfit? Emo is being sterotyped with tight jeans, long bangs brushed to one side that cover the eye, dyed black straight hair, tight t-shirts that’s often bear the name of the emo bands, studded belts, belt buckles, crappy canvas sneakers or skate shoes, or other black shoes and thick, black frame eye glasses.

And if there’s a mall gig, they’re going to dress like hell as if they have a class and they’re in uniform! Some girls are carrying a rag doll, a bloody doll as if they are witches. Eeww, thats gross and it hurt my eyes. I hate those posers! I hate the way they tream themselves. I even think that– are they have a brain doing those stupid stupid stuff (suicide, hanging their self)? Come on people! Get a life instead of making pitty to your self. There’s a lot more things to do in this world!

I know that you only seen this on tv, on music videos, and other media. And I know that it is not bad to be like others. But, do you imagine what will be the possible output? Did you ever think that it may be good or bad for your self? 

I know that I don’t have the right to say this but I can’t stad those !^*@&% people! I hate those sayings that make them depress, those graphics that make them worst. 

Why they treat themselves just like that? Do they love theirselves? Maybe not. That was just terrible. 

Here, i found a perfect example of an emo graphics:


Pon and Zi
The Emo Graphics: Pon and Zi

You know that it is not true that you need to be an “emo” to have somebody for you. It just makes you worst than ever!

I’m sorry for those who like this graphics, but, it makes the people self pitty. It makes the people emotional and leads them to a negative feelings.

I don’t pin point the people I dislike. I just want to shout-out what my comments.

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