Stucked at traffic

Monday,  I woke up early to be able to come in the office 30 minutes before the alloted time-in. But unfortunately, I’ve stucked at the road that seems to be a roadway to hell!


Dasmarinas, cavite - Traffic Congestion
Dasmarinas, cavite - Traffic Congestion

I leave Dasma 15 minutes before 7 Am. But, after a while, the bus stops and never move for about 30 minutes. After that, bus moves a bit, and got stucked again, and run a bit, and stuck and so on, and so forth.. It tooks me about 2 and half hour standing on the bus. I arrived at the office 10:30 AM.

That was a very bad day! Know what? And I’m quite lose my patience! it will be ok for me if I am sitting in the bus, but suddenly, I’m not. haha. My feet are tired that time and I’m not comfortable.

Since I dont have anything to do about traffic, I just take a look on those traffic enforcer (TMG) who manage the traffic (I think they didn’t manage it). 

Anyways, I can’t back time anymore. I am late. It sucks. Tomorrow I will break my record! hahaha


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