My new 6120 classic phone

Finally, I’ve uploaded the pictures of my new phone take a look 😀

It’s a brand-new Pearl White Nokia 6120 for me haha.. This is the first time I got a phone in full package. It includes

  • 6120 classic phone unit
  • Charger
  • Headset
  • 2-pairs headphone foam (black and dark orange)
  • CD-ROM drivers
  • Bunch of Manuals, and
  • Nokia TOS, Warranty Card

It’s a great Christmas present for me and I love this phone so much. It is very light-weight, and small and compact. 

This phone also comes with 2 Megapixel Camera with LED flash on the back and standard RGB camera on front. This phone has a special key for the camera located at the bottom right corner of the phone. Press this and it will launch the camera application. It also have a zoom in/out key and also serve as a volume key of the phone which located at the top right corner of this device.

Pop-port is not seen on this phone but a standard mini USB port! It’s a great feature for me because it didn’t disconnect easily unlike the pop-port that you can accidentally disconnect when you move it.

Messaging is great on this phone though it lacks of pencil key. Instead, if you want to copy someting, you must press and hold the sharp key (#) and move the cursor with you d-pad navi key.

Also, if you’re a texter, you maybe have a difficulty on inserting a special character. On a regular phone (nokia brand), if you press the asterisk key (*) an array of special character selection will pop-up with your screen. But, with this phone you must press and hold the * key to be able to view the character list, if not, it will pop-up the standard pencil key selection.

And also, the Music Player of this phone is great! for me it was like an iPod banging my ears haha.. It has a great bass booster, Equaliser, Reverb sound and stereo widening.  But, the only thing is, you cannot use the standard 3.5mm jack, but a 2.5mm instead. But, it’s ok 😉

Anything than that, so far so good. I don’t have any complains about this phone. I like it too much 🙂


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