Appeal against Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Gaza (
Gaza (

The Gaza war is all over the news last month and this month and we all know that there’s too much people dies. Here in Makat,i theres a people who strike  to voice out their pledge to stop the war. They’re spreading a letter that reads:


For the past 37 years Israel has occupied the land of Palestine with vicious cycle of diabolic cruelty, violence, suppression, oppression, destruction to human, animal and property with impunity.

The question of Palestine is no different from struggle of the Bangsamoro people to be respected, accorded a better life, the right to protection as a nation distinct, unique and separate from the Jewish, Israel. Thus, the right to protect its territory and the protection of its people’s existence and equal humanity under the principle of international human law signed by member states of the United Nation must be uphold.

In 1946, the Philippines were among the 50 UN member states signatory and approved the partition and the creation of the State of Israel. Thus, it is imperative that this governement must take moral ascendancy to restrain Israel unconditionally from continuously committing violence against humanity, oppressing and terrorizing Palestine and her people.

This inhuman action if left uncheck by the international community could endanger the already volatile peace situation in the Middle East and can further heightened terrorism. Hence, the United Nations, Philippines and her citizens are enjoined on unconditional term to end the violence in the Gaza Strip. The wall of Aparthied erected in 2000 by the Zionist Israel government is but the latest testament of cruelty, cutting not just the flow of water to the Palestinian household but as well as designed to create human difficulty in crossing from one place to another.

Israel is yet to be accounted on various atrocities committed against men, women, innocent children, and the deaths of American Ms. Rachel Corrie killed by IDF who bulldozed her to death while trying to protect a Palestinian home from military destruction; Englishman Mr. Tom Hurndall was killed by Israeli sniper while on a volunteer Mission for International Solidarity Movement.

Israel who suffered inhuman Holocaust and unspeakable cruelty from the German Nazi government is now exacting a revenge on a wrong people, the Palestinian who open their doors when the whole world shut and ostracized the Jewish community.

Economic might must not be equated to hubris given Israel’s unmatched military might in the Middle East as against the oppressed Palestinian.

Thus, we call on the United Nations member countries to heed the Palestinian call for help and solidarity in their anguish against Israel oppression and to institute economic support;

We call on the Security Council to take a long leadership and restrict Israel from further dehumanizing, displaying arrogance and orchestrating a killing machine against Palestinians;

We call on the United States of America to serve justice and lift its veto on the decision of the UN Security Council; further we enjoined the USA to stop its military assistance to the State of Israel and direct instead said assistance to AIDS, Drug prevention, US Education and Health Care;

We call on Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to unite the spearhead the negotition of peace settlement between the State of Palestine and Israel.

We call on the International Court of Justice to institute investigation proceedings to punish all men and women responsible for crime against humanity in Palestine;

We call on the government of Israel to respect the democratic rights of the Palestinian people to chose leadership in their governance, to show concern for peace, disregard territory and save humanity from further destruction. Israel’s Holocaust experienced must serve notice to all mankind the atrocities of greed and racism, said experience must not be replicated elsewhere much more displayed by once victim itself, like Israel;

Finally, we call on every peace loving Filipinos and Moros to stand for the promotion of peace, justice and equality among mankind. Let us stop the war, end the oppression, invasion and occupation of Palestine and Mindanao. Save children, save the money for war machine for Education and AIDS program campaign.


January 8, 2009



The letter is very strong and I hope that they will read this message and make up their mind that there will be no good outcome in war. Let’s all pray that the war between this two countries will end very soon. 

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