The Quiapo Experience

Monday, January 19, 2009. It’s the time that I’ll be claiming my NBI Clearance in Carriedo in Quiapo it was so hot and a lot of people are trying to enter the Carriedo Plaza. People are over flowing and line is up to the outside of the said building. But it’s been a luck for me since I’m only getting my clearance, so I go straight to the NBI entrance. But, unfortunately the officers are not allowing any people to pass since there’s a lot of people are also waiting in vain inside. After a few minutes, they decided to allow people to enter but only for those who will get their clearances or the releasing. Ok, I’m on already on the line and it took only 5 minutes to get and then voila! I’m through and I will never come back again to that place again (but i will if only needed haha :))

After a long tiring following the line in NBI Carriedo. We’ve decided to go strall inside Quiapo. We’ve gone to Quiapo Church. Though it’s monday, the church still gets a lot of visitors. We’ve stop for a while and go to another place. After, we go along the Carriedo again and decided to go to China Town since it was only a minute away. There’s so many chinese vendors there (knowing that it’s china town haha :P) and a lot of tikoy since it’s been a week to go before their new year. Ok enough for that hahaha.

Next stop, Intramuros. We’ve go to the most popular place in Intramuros — Fort Santiago. But unfortunately, theres a P75.00 per head entrance fee, and sice we don’t have enough money to spend we’ve decided to leave that place and to go somewhere else. We’ve go to the St. Augustine and just make a tambay haha. After a while, we decided to go home since I have my job the next morning and we’re all too tired to walk along.

Cris decided to ride along with her father to save money. We’ve waited her father in Blue Wave in Pasay until 7.

The aftermath, we’re all too tired. Our feet needs rest as well as our body haha. It’s fun to have a tour inside Manila since it was beautiful eventhough theres so many trash along the way. The experience is great and we’re planning to have our next trip.

Oh by the way, I’ll post the picture soon 😉


How to get to NBI Carriedo?

  • If you are come from the south (Cavite) just ride to a bus that has a sign of “STA. CRUZ” and it will take you to Sta. Cruz church. In there, you’ll see a statue (its in lacson and in front of Prudential Bank..take that as a landmark) and go straight to that street (Carriedo) and you’ll see a huge signage saying “NBI CLEARANCE”
  • Take the LRT — it is the easiest way to go NBI Carriedo, just buy an SJ3 (Single Journey) ticket and ride the LRT. LRT has a station in Carriedo. In there just look around and  you’ll see the NBI CLEARANCE signage..

Oh, by the way, NBI is in Carriedo Plaza. 😉 Good luck and have a safe trip.

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