Addicted to Wonder Pets?!

Wonder Pets
Wonder Pets
Wonder Pets
Wonder Pets

OK, I admit! I am addicted to this wonder pets! I can’t get out my attention to it. Every Monday, I woke up early in the morning just to watch this show. I know it’s for young kids but they didn’t say that only children can watch it.

I found this show very cool and very cute, though, their singing abilities is not too good but hey! they’re still cute haha.. The story is simple — from the ringing of the phone from an animal that need help to going back to their cages ahaa. To know even more, just watch their show every moning :p

The show is every Mondays though Fridays, 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM only at TV 5 – Shake mo TV mo! And, the show is translated in Tagalog so children can understand it much better. So, sa flyboat na tayo? Sa flyboat na tayo!

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