Is your browser follow the standards?

As a developer and a CSS designer, it is a must that you test all your designs and layout on different browser. There’s so many browsers around the web but how will you know if they follow the web standards?

By doing some AcidTest you will know if the browser you are currently using is following the standards and preview the website accurately.

Ok, stop the speech. Let’s go to the test:

if you see image like this: 

AcidTest2 - Success
AcidTest2 - Success

Then, you browser support all the generated codes behind it (your browser is okey dude!). Else, if this image is not rendered corretly (refer to the wikipedia about this) then your browser does not support either a line of code behind it or tags.

Ok, let’s make it simple. If you see that face then your browser looks ok. But, if you not see that, then your browser sucks and you better change your browser :p




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