Got new shoes

Last Friday, I got my terminal pay cheque from my previous company that I worked with.  When I see my exit pay, I was not expecting too much because I only work 5 days to them before the effectivity of my resignation. But then, after I see my pay cheque, my eyes poped haha :p Okay enough for that.

Last day, I encash my cheque and go straight to Shangri-la Plaza in Edsa-Shaw Boulevard together with my sister.

I buy shoes from Converse and finally, my 7-year old Converse rubber shoes will now resign haha. I bought a Converse All-Star double upper high-cut rubber shoes 🙂 hehe. But not only that, we go shopping with my younger sisters as my very late Christmas present.

And it’s not only Shang we’ve gone. We also go to SM Megamall just beside the Shangri-la and back to Cavite, we go to SM Dasmarinas to pick-up my other sister haha and to shop again..

The days has passed and my wallet is so tired hahaha. We’ve spent roughly 10,000 pesos in just one day 😦 my younger sisters are so magastos and maluho. But, It’s fun to  be with them since it’s been a long time ago when we’ve gone to mall.

Bottom line, don’t buy rubbershoes :p

::I’ll post the pictures if I have a time.


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