Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra. The penumbra does not cause any noticeable darkening of the Moon’s surface, though some may argue it turns a little yellow.


Ok, its February 9, 2009 and the moon is quite big enough to see. Luckyly, we’re on Cavite and no cloud is blocking our view from the moon. Though we have not seen any difference, but still, the moon looks beautiful (I am fond of looking at the moon :p) Since the moon is too bright and a little bigger, we get our binocular to get close to the moon. We also able to get a picture of the moon using our standard digital camera. I was amazed because I was able to capture the moon upclose. I put the camera on the binocular eyepiece and zoomed-in the camera and the camera do the trick to focus 😀 (though my hand is very shaky since the binocular is so heavy).  I set my camera settings to manual, set the shutter speed to a very low profile and other adjustments to make the moon more clearer but not too bright.

So, the bottomline. I love moon and and it makes my neck and back of my neck hurt haha..

I’ll post the pictures if I got a chance 🙂


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