Last January, we’ve gone to StarCity to take a break from our stressful work. They have this new ride called the Starflyer — an inverted roller coaster imported from the other country. I think this ride is more safety because it is controlled by computers. But, last saturday, my sister said about the news about a man died of falling on the said ride.

A roller coaster ride in a carnival at Pasay City has temporarily ceased operations following the death of one of its customers, police said Monday.

Pasay City Police Chief Inspector Joey Goforth said the Star Flyer–an inverted roller coaster in Star City–has been off-limits after Carmelito Pena fell 15 meters from the ride on Saturday, causing his death.

“The Star Flyer has not been operated while we are conducting the investigation. They’ll have to explain how locks are operated in the ride,” Goforth said in an interview at ABS-CBN’s “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

Read more here:

So, is it intentionaly suicide? a mechanical failure? well, let’s see what will gonna happen to the investigations.


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