I want iPod

I really love music but music doesn’t like me, I guess… haha anyways, apple releases a new version of iPod Nano which is called “chromatic”

iPod Nano Chromatic
iPod Nano Chromatic

I’m planning to buy one of this SOMEDAY hahaha.. I like the red one but if it’s not available then I’ll get the black or if not, the white, of if not.. oh gee! that apple store must closed as they don’t have stocks of their products! hahaha just kidding.

I think the price of this one is raging from 7,500 for the 8gb and I don’t know for the 16 gb. 8gb for me is fine as I don’t have the money to spend for that thing haha. I just like it because I love music and ofcouse because of it’s features like the accelerometer thingy that has been built on this gadget (the same with iPhones and iPod touch).

If you would like to find out more about this product, just visit their site as I’m not paid on doing this stuff haha.



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