Save Earth: Manila to support Earth Hour movement

It’s been a week since I’ve seen the poster in Ayala mall in Makati. Today, I’ve seen so much advertisement/supporters regarding this event, this includes GMA-7, Channel 23,  Glorietta,  SM Super malls, Meralco and others.

So what’s up with this Earth Hour? Can it change the climate? Well, the answer is NO. Well yes,  Earth hour promotes saving energy to save the earth but definitely it will NOT change the climate for just 1 hour. Earth hour is just an eye-opener for all of us on how we gonna start to save the earth.

So, if you want to save earth and conserve energy as well, then start it in your home. Turn off lights, applicances and other energy hogging things to conserve energy. It will not only save earth but also it will cut down your bills 😉 Let’s not just focus on the energy things, but also, conserve water.

Bottom line, Earth hour is just a starter for us to save enegry. Let’s not take it only on earth hour event but let’s make it a habbit — to conserve enegry. Big companies can, so, how about us? Let’s take part of it.


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