One morning in Quezon Province

Sun rise in Gumaca, Quezon
Sun rise in Gumaca, Quezon

Bicol Once Again – continued…

We left Ligao City in around 11:30 PM. It’s late but it’s fine because I’m very, very sleepy that time. Going back to Cavite, I’ve notice that the road is not that too bumpy and rough. So I sleep again. When were in Camarines Sur, the fog are very thick and we only have a ~3 meters visibility. The clouds are all over the road and it was very cold.

We’ve had our breakfast/stop over in Gumaca, Quezon which is beside the sea and a fish sanctuary. The sun is starting to rise and its such a beautiful view, so I took some pictures of the sun rise. After a few shot, my cam hangs and broke I think. Darn! hahaha. Nakulangan ako sa pagkuha ng litrato. hhaha. My battery is dead and my camera lens stuck.

After 12 hours of ride, we finally arrive home. I miss my pets but unfortunately, all fish are found dead on dirty aquarium.  Anyways, we’re fine, atleast. hahaha


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