Free Domain and Hosting from DreamHost

Ok, I GOT ONE!!!

Finally, I now have my very own domain name and hosting 🙂 thanks to dreamhost and geocities.
So, you’re asking how I got my domain name and hosting?  Simple. Just follow this:

Take Note! You must have a geocities account to continue and to redeem your free hosting+domain name

  • Login to your Geocities account (
  • Create a page that has a title and content
    I`m off to dreamhost!
  • publish that in index.html . (It should be seen upon loading your page or homepage.)
  • Next, go to
  • Click on “Host a Domain”
  • On “I would like to pre-pay” click on Two Years
  • On step 5, enter your desired domain name (Ex. and your desired username
  • On step 6, fill-up your contact information (all fields are required)
  • And finally, on step 7, put your geocities web address on the promotional code field (ex:
  • Click on the checkbox informing them that you agree on terms and conditions of dreamhost.
  • Click Proceed to Payment

After you click, don’t worry, no payment will be made, nothing, nada! If the promotional code is correct all fees will be deducted and you will see a button to continue the process. After that, you will receive an email informing about your account. And after that, for about 10 to 15 minutes, your domain name will now be available though out the globe!

Congratulations! you now have your own free domain name and hosting (normally it cost $214.80)

Email Notification
Email Notification

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