Non-sense Philippine Drama

Most of the news today is about the Hayden-Katrina scandals. This is about the sex video scandal that were spread like worm virus throughout the continent. And at this point, this scandal is now being heard in senate of the Philippines. The senators were interrogating the two.

Well, I will not comment about the scandal since this is the mistake of both parties. My only point here is the drama that the senators is doing, the media and others.

First thing first. Why the hell they (senators) were very focus about this issue? I mean why the involved senators are laying all their time on this issue. There’s so much issue on this country that deserves much time to be disscuss in the senate just like the traffic, poverty, and others. Just leave that alone on the trial court instead. The funny thing is they were so affected with the video and they didn’t realise that they also have a fault. Why they don’t just create and approve a frigin law that will punish anyone regarding the propagation of personal electonic files like video and etc.

Secondly, who’s that person who doused water into Hayden’s head? What a freak! I found out that he is the ex-mayor and ex-cop Abner Afuang. Did he realise what he have done? I’m not pro-Hayden nor Katrina. But that frigin person have no right to do that and also knowing that he’s on senate. Who is he to do that? Is his conscience is clean? If I know he’s the one who did corruption while on his term before. So, if he believes that he has no mistakes and his conscience is clear then do that again or else the people will burn him alive.

Bottom line, leave that case out of Philippine television because as long they broadcast about this issue may children are now curious about this video and can easily search it on the net. I hope that media will realize that. You don’t want your child viewing this stuff, don’t you?


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