Di ako papayag!!! No to Con-Ass

No to Conass!

To the Members of the House who sponsored HR 1109

We write this letter in the knowledge that within our inalienable right to free speech, we have the right to condemn, to dissent, and to express.  We believe that dissent and disagreement – as well as anger – is warranted for the events of June 2, 2009, where 170 Representatives sponsored and passed a ruthless, rude, and repugnant resolution that fuels our rage.

On that night, you held a marathon session to pass House Resolution 1109.  The House majority have passed the resolution to set up a constituent assembly to open up the Constitution to changes that endanger Philippine sovereignty, and the rights and liberties, granted to us in this country.  The possibility of “Gloria Forever” haunted a sleeping nation.  The House overstepped its bounds in a claim to power, and to usurp the present decay of political institutions of this nation.

The resolution was rammed through, railroaded, and passed without regard to objection and without respect to the Constitution.  More than an agenda of “Gloria Forever,” it was a slap in the face to the ideals that this nation stands for: enshrined not only in the Constitution, but in the values and mores of Filipino society.  It was a black eye to democracy, to prudence, and to dialogue.

An embarrassment, a farce, and a shame.  A derisive and deliberate attempt to subvert the laws of the land: the very Constitution that you, members of the House, swore to protect when you assumed office.

The Constitution is a defining moment in history.  It is the height of creating a politics of freedom, identity, and national strength, created and ratified on the basis that one’s country is not designed and built on whims, but that of foresight and the common good.  It sets a precedent for justice and fairness, and is the building block of democracy in free nations.

June 2, 2009 was a defining moment in history.  It is the height of a politics of ignominy, imprudence, and insolence; the approval of a shameless and ambiguously-worded resolution that threatens the very existence of this country’s democracy.  One that sets a precedent for injustice, unfairness, and opens the doors for corrupting, unchecked power.  You made a grip on the very throat of this country’s democracy, and choked it.

Shameless.  That resolution will be tested in the Courts, and perhaps maybe even struck out of the record one day.  Forgotten, perhaps, but it should stand – and it will stand – as a testament to shame.

Honorable Representatives, the wisdom of amending the Constitution is not lost on anyone, and it certainly is not lost on us.  Yet without the benefit of prudent dialogue and evaluation, the wisdom of Constitutional amendments – or Charter Change – must be questioned.  When the passage of a resolution that endangers democracy is made possible because of the maneuvering of the majority, the intentions and effects of moves to amend the Constitution must be questioned.  If the integral document of a nation is going to be altered by people of questionable integrity, Constitutional amendments and Charter Change are questionable.

Read more at: http://notoconass.com/

If you want to read the proposed charter amendments, click here http://notoconass.com/proposed.html


2 thoughts on “Di ako papayag!!! No to Con-Ass

    1. For me. After this new law became effective, the people will lost the right to vote. The current president will extend its term which is not right.

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