Balinsasayaw Restaurant: Silang, Cavite

After a week of work, I always go to Cris’ house to spend a day with her and her family. This is the only day that is allotted for us to talk and spend a little and sweet times since we both have jobs . Anyways, enough for the explanation haha.

It’s Sunday again and it’s Mykee’s birthday! Because of that Cris, with her family treated us lunch at Balinsasayaw at Brgy. Luksuhin, Silang, Cavite.

It’s been a couple of weeks ago when Cris tell us about that resto. We were finding that place ever since and we finally find the exact location via Google Map 🙂 thanks to them haha.

Moving on, we arrived at Balinsasayaw at around 12:30 PM. At the entrance, there’s a service crew waiting for the customer to arrive. Then, they accompany us to our cottage. There’s a lot of cottage, plants and trees around the place. Every cottage has been wrapped in net so no insects will enter 😛

About the food, well, its delicious though it’s a bit pricey. But, it’s worth trying.

The aftermath. Our weight adds and our belly loose haha.


4 thoughts on “Balinsasayaw Restaurant: Silang, Cavite

  1. hehehe…
    masarap nga jan. lagi kami jan kapag me kasiyahan ang tropa.
    bukod sa masarap ang mga pagkain at maganda ang place…mura pa.
    grrrrr… sarap talaga kumain jan. sa 2k php mo ang bundat na ang tropa.
    namimiss ko na ang lugar na yan.

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