Slow Internet Access in the Philippines

If you notice recently that your internet connection slows down this is because of the earthquake that struck near Japan and cause the undersea cables to damaged.

Info from PLDT about the Double Fault on the APCN2 fiber cut:

We wish to advise that as of this time, we are affected by an unfortunate incident of multiple international cable faults, particularly in the APCN2 cable system. While the exact cause is still to be confirmed, it is likely that the Japan earthquake which occurred yesterday, August 11, 2009 is the reason for the international cable faults. We would like to assure you, our valued customer, that PLDT is exerting all efforts in mitigating the effect of this outage, including the procurement of additional cable capacity from unaffected international cable systems.

Details of the outage can be found below:
APCN2 Faults:
1: Singapore-Malaysia Fault
Repair is estimated to be completed on August 14, 2009

2: China-Taiwan Fault
Cable fault occurred this morning at 10:45 am;
APCN2 consortium is now trying to implement the APCN2 catastrophic plan for dual failure in these segments
APCN2 NOC is now doing the mapping and manual patching in concerned stations

We shall provide regular updates on these outages. Rest assured that we at PLDT remain strongly committed to our relationship with your company.

So, that’s why we have a very, very slow internet connection here at home and at the office. The connection is barely crawling and we couldn’t render our job more quickly since our job relies 99% on the net. I hope that they could easily brought the connection back. Meanwhile, we just gonna wait patiently while the page loads just like the good ol’ days when the dial-up is the king .


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