The EMO thingy!

I was looking around my friendster account and I found my old, old blog way way back October 2008. There’s pretty number of posts there and I was reading them. My friend ask me about certain post about “emo”-ish thing. I wonder what is it and I found out that it was the wallpaper I’ve created back from my old work.

It was a pretty free time there and I don’t have any job to do so I decided to draw human-like creature but I really don’t draw, at all haha.. My office mate seen my drawing and said to make it in photoshop instead. Maybe they didn’t like my drawing that’s why. So, the Photoshop loads and I started my creation. It took me almost 1 hour to finish it and I am amazed to the output.

EMO Wallpaper
EMO Wallpaper

Maybe it looks like newbie to you but for me its such a cute little emo-ish thing. 🙂 hope you like it.


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