Weekend Treat: Lunch Out at Dencio’s and Watch Movie “Tarot”

Last Sunday since we’re only 3 in house and very board, hungry and wondering what to do, we decided to watch movie. First, we decided to watch Bea’s movie which I don’t know the title but with a hungry stomach, we couldn’t decided what movie we’ll gonna watch so we decided to take our lunch. We decided to eat at Mang Inasal but our mind changed. We go to Dencio’s instead 😀


We’ve entered Dencio’s and looking around and we found out that we’re the only one who will eat there. We ordered Nilagang buto-buto (P250+), chopsuey(P150+) and Pinaputok na Pampano (deliciously grilled fish) (P105/100 grams, 500 grams minimum = P525), rice (P30), bottomless Iced Tea (P65) and a mango shake (P65). Their price is just like the price at Max’s Restaurant which is just fine. After around 15-20 mins the food are served and we eat. The food was all delicious and the price are all worth it.

After we eat we went at SM to watch movie our mind changed again and we decided to watch Tarot instead which is a good choice of movie. My sister freaked out as well as my mom 🙂 nice. The movie last around 1 and 15 to 20 minutes.

Okay, after a long day roaming around the mall, I’ve seen a Dance Pad for PlayStation 2 (P460) which I’ve been searching for around 1 month ago. So, I bought this thing and a DVD game (P150).

Back home, I tested the pad, of course I played it 🙂 It’s nice and it gives me a generous amount of sweat! 😛

The day has finally gone to it’s end and I’m super tired and I need some rest. My day is great spending my time with my family. 🙂


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