Stop the Killing of Sharks

I found this article over the net:

Save the Sharks!
Save the Sharks!

I found shark finning very inhumane. Ok, I’m not that PETA employee or what so ever but look at the picture. I read that about 56 lives of person are taken each year by shark attack but look at these, about 100 million of sharks life are taken per year just to have those sharks fin soup.

So, what is shark finning?

Shark finning refers to the removal and retention of shark fins and the discard at sea of the carcass. The shark is most often still alive when it is tossed back into the water. The finless sharks are unable to swim and sink to the ocean bottom and die Shark finning takes place at sea so the fishers only have to transport the fins. Shark meat is considered low value and therefore not worth the cost of transporting the bulky shark bodies to market. –wikipedia

Looking on the other perspective, what will you feel if you left alone with your arms and legs cut? Will you survive? That’s what sharks feel! If you can only feel sharks feelings. No wonder if shark will be extinct because of this.

What will you do to make this things change? Do not eat sharks fin soup and other food that has sharks fin on it. If no one eats, no one will buy sharks fin and no sharks will be caught and no shark will die. If this happens, the Ecosystem under the ocean will still be balanced.

We don’t have to look into the depths of the Ocean to image what murderous monsters look like, we just have to look in the mirror” – Captain Paul Watson, founder of Seasheperd Conservation Society

Stop eating sharks fin
Stop eating sharks fin

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