Nano shoots video.

Apple introduces their new version of Nano. Today, iPod nano comes with a camera that enables you to shoot video. Did I say camera that shoot video? Oh well, you heard it right. As of now iPod nano only records video but not shoot a still image.

iPod Nano: with video camera

iPod Nano: with video camera
iPod Nano: with video camera

The new iPod nano also comes with built-in fm radio, so, if your too tired with your playlist then you have a choice to listen to the radio instead which is quite nice.  And the thing is, you can also pause the fm radio 🙂

With Live Pause, you’ll never miss a beat.

Say you need to take a quick break from listening to your favourite radio station. iPod nano lets you pause it with a click. Another click and you’re listening to your station again. You can even rewind as far back as 15 minutes, then fast-forward to catch up to the live broadcast.

Ok I get it, maybe they record your tuned-in radio station as soon as you paused  so you will never missed anything. For more info about this product, just visit their site. I will not cover anything beyond here since I don’t have iPod and Apple didn’t pay me either 😛

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