A Dinner Date for Two

17 months ago since Cris answered me. The days had gone so fast and now we’re 17th month old! 17 months of happiness and tears. Maybe that’s just how the relationship flow and maybe that was just a trial for us to know and to feel how much we are in love with each other.

Though we haven’t been together every time, I invited Cris for a dinner date. We go to Dencio’s and take our nice little sweet dinner. This is our first time to eat in a restaurant without our parents 😛 I had a great time talking and taking our dinner with her.

Happy 17th month my little sweety. I hope that you enjoyed my little treat. No one can ever replace you here in my heart. I love you so, so much and I will always do and always remember that I’m always here for you whether up’s or downs. See you on Sunday and always take care of your self okay?



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