Holy Week

It’s been a great year today that I celebrated holy week with my family.

Its holy week again meaning its a long, long weekend. Maybe that’s the greatest day for us who are employed. Well, that’s just for me 😛 Before the holiday starts, I applied one, yes only one application to a certain company in Ortigas. But, enough for that.

When I’m on bus going home, I noticed that there’s no heavy traffic in EDSA which is quite unusual. I hope that I experience the same during regular days. But, I have to face the truth that ESDA is the deadliest road on the Philippines according to my self haha!

Holy Wednesday. We have work for this day. I go home early. I am about to prepare my self to leave the bus but then, buses are not allowed. I don’t know why. I just go with the flow hahahaha (flow??, I don’t know the english term haha). I walked  about 500 meter and found out that there’s a prusisyon na nagaganap. This is the first time I saw this kind of procession  on my 14 years of stay in Dasmarinas. So, I watched the whole thing.
Holy Thursday. That night, we’ve attended the so-called last supper with my Mom.
Good Friday. We attended the burial of the dead. Have some holy mass with Mom, my sister and my niece.
Black Saturday. Went to Cris’ house. Went home late night because I attended a some kind of a midnight mass I think also called “easter mass” all by my self.
Easter Sunday. I didn’t get a chance to go to church. I have no money na pamasahe 😛

Well, holy week, week for me is quite God centered. I’m praying that I get the job that I applied for and enjoyed staying at home with my family.

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