So fast.

Last week I applied for a position Client-Side Developer. After a few minutes or about 15 minutes or so, they called. They phone interview me and scheduled for an interview with their hiring manager.

On Holy Thursday, I prepared my self. I woke up early, yes it’s literally early. 3 in the morning. I fix my self quickly to make it for a 6:30 am interview. I arrived at their office at 6 AM and they immediately interviewed me. It’s quite fast and no more technical interviews. Just a plain talk. After about 15 minutes, I’m done.

Since it’s holy week and there’s no work, I just enjoyed my vacation. It’s monday and a familiar number was called. I missed it. But after a few minutes they called again. It was the HR who called me last Wednesday. She told me that I was passed the final interview. I didn’t expect that it was a final interview. Well, I was so happy with that call.

After 5 days. They contact me again, my job offer is ready. Tomorrow I will know what would be my salary (that’s the greatest question) and I still crossing my finger.


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