Trying Out Sun Broadband Wireless

As they are many out there who didn’t enjoyed using their sun broadband wireless (sbw), I still able to get it. I go to the nearest sun shop and applied for a sun easybroadband which is much easy and hassle free application because it only require you to present 1 valid I.D. right after you have to pay their modem plus 1 month advance so more or less 1600 pesos.

The only this I don’t like on their application process is waiting almost 24 hours before you can use your 3g broadband. After almost 24 hours, it successfully got signal. I connect and browsed the internet.

If you’re asking about the speed, I got 799 plan with up to 2mbps connection speed (I hope it’s true). Well, after almost 3 hours of testing, the speed is average, I get 1.3 mbps speed, though most of the time it disconnects which I don’t know the reason why. Well, lest see what will be next.


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