Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Hi dear! It’s been almost a long, long month sice I’ve posted here. Well, at least I tried to post 😛

Ok, go on to my story. As most of you known that I’ve lost my phone a year ago. Well, I just got a new one! I bought SE Xperia X10i. It’s far different from my old lost iPhone but then again, it’s just sweet as candy. Let me talk about the sweetness of this thing.

8.1 MP Camera

And it rocks. From macro to infinity the output looks like eternity. Well, not really. I just said that just to make the word rhyme 😛 but seriously, the camera is just awesome. The output is great! I love it (isn’t it obvious on my words? haha!)


Oh, well, the messaging. Its good though the keypad is not that great. It doesn’t support multi-touch so you’re ending up on hanged words or I may say unpressed key. I hope the next OS/firmware update will fix this.


Overall features is nice, though it lack support on FM radio which I badly needed, multi-touch capability, and nothing else as far as I remember. The only thing is the firmware update. I hope Sony will have them soon.

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