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Scan this to know who I am 😉 haha

My Code - Scan this and youll see.
My Code - Scan this and you'll see.

Ahoy there! I’m from the Philippines. Welcome to my very first blog. I’m sorry in times that you don’t understand my sentences because I don’t actually speak in English language but at least I try. Make sense? Good!

Thank you for reading my posts and I hope that I made you entertained. The topic on this blog is all about anything under the sun, so if you’re  looking for something and you’re dizzy enough to roam around my site then use my search form 😉 Anyways, posts here are from my own thoughts and perspective and you’re not allowed to repost my articles without prior permission.

I love to eat and I love to chat with others(physically) 😀

If vacant time, we go to the nearest restaurant or fast food store and eat..

If you want to know about me more, visit my friendster page :>

Contact Information:

Email: clintfloyd[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks everybody and have a nice day!


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